Laura Bozzo rants against Niurka Marcos and makes her cry

One more time, Laura Bozzo is being a topic of conversation on social networks due to the intense controversy that has been unleashed since he arrived on Telemundo’s reality show, ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, where he has had one or two clashes with the controversial vedette Niurka Marcoswith whom he recently had an intense fight.

As everyone knows, the relationship between the Peruvian host and the Cuban actress is not the best of all, and when everyone found out that both would be participants in the program of the Spanish-speaking American television network, the viewers assumed that they were going sparks flying between them and they were not wrong.

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After being one of the first nominees in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the controversial lawyer lost control and ranted against the ex-wife of Juan Osoriowho also did not react in the best way and also told him everything in front of his teammates.

To everyone’s surprise, moments later, the television presenter gathered all the celebrities to apologize to Niurka for her terrible attitude, despite the fact that the Cuban has tried to improve her relationship with her.

“I have had bullying problems and I am always on the defensive. I think my attitude was very rude, because at all times she has tried to get along with me and what I did has no name, “explained Laura Bozzo. “I want to apologize, but each member of the house deserves an explanation of my hysterical attitude. My attitude as a bad player, it’s not fair that I take it out on a person who has been cool, Niurka”.

Listening to the host’s sincere apologies, the actress of ‘La fea más bella’ broke down crying in front of everyone, while listening carefully to what Laura said, who assured that she appreciates Niurka very much, since she feels identified with her because of her personality.

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“I love her a lot because I see her in many things as an example and things of mine, but the burden is so great that many times they have put me against I reacted hysterically egomaniac and if I have to go, I will go, but she has nothing to do with this, “he said.

“I publicly ask you to please excuse me because you didn’t deserve something like that, excuse me, please excuse me. You have been very good to me, ”said the controversial television host before merging into a strong hug with the scandal woman.

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