Laura Bozzo would have lice, a video makes theories arise

Right now the famous TV host, Laura Bozzo, is participating in the popular reality shows from Telemundo, ‘the House of the Famous’which is why a few interesting moments have arisen both for Internet users and for some communicators, such was the case of Shanik Bermanwho questioned the presence of lice in the presenter’s hair.

It was all thanks to a video he shared through his Instagram official, in which he accused that there is currently a wave of lice that would be affecting the entire country, but specifically noticing how on one occasion inside the house Laura was scratching her head in a quite unusual and repeated way.

Internet users did not stop observing the video and to think that it is very possible that he has these little animals, however some others also assure that it could be due to stress.

After the publication, which has already been observed by more than 30,000 people, Internet users are having it and that it could infect the show partners.

So far this is all about theories, but we could not rule out that possibility, despite the fact that Internet users assured that if he had them, they would be noticed by the color of his blonde hair.


Shanik Berman/Instagram

Shanik Berman shared this video questioning the situation before Internet users.

They also noted that this situation may unravel later in the event that we see us on the show starting to scratch our heads, a strong indicator that this was true.

So up to now we don’t know if Laura Bozzo has the famous lice or not, but we do know that she has a better role inside the house, we could even see the first meeting between the driver and Niurka Marcos, the famous vedette from the first moment he confronted her and even challenged her to a dance duel.

Stay on Show News so you can find out if the celebrity really has lice or not, plus we’ll also be sharing other interesting news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more that you can’t miss.

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