Laura de León confessed that she used double use on the scene of ‘La ley del corazón’

The artist who has starred in series such as ‘La Playita’, ‘La Luz de mis ojos’ and who will be in the life of “Leandro Díaz” together with Silvestre Dangond, spoke with Diva Rebeca on her YouTube channel about some incidents in her personal and professional life that have put her against the wall.

Not only did she confess that in a ‘casting’ they tried to record her half-naked for no apparent reason, but he avoided a scene from the popular series of lawyers ‘La Ley del Corazón’, where it was written that they had to grab his buttocks. “I don’t like to go out in soap operas or movies,” she assured.

And it is that her religiosity takes her to all levels. She even said to faithfully do the rosary with her family through a WhatsApp call. But he also said that this faith does not make her segregate other people because she even has many gay friends and believes that:

“God is not going to punish gays because they are sons and daughters of the same creator. He loves them, he loves them, he supports them. This retrograde society is that it sees things differently, ”he said.

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In the middle of a talk that put some of his beliefs to the test, he dared to say that he is thinking that reincarnation may exist.. Well, he has no doubt that his deceased dog Tommy, who had to be euthanized, was reincarnated in his new cat Cumbia.

“The cat sunbathes at the same time and in the same place as the dog. Sometimes I ask him: Is Tommy you? ”, She explained disgruntled.

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The interview can be seen on Youtube: