Laura Escanes’ letter to her daughter regarding her fame

Laura Escanes and her daughter Roma

Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

    Laura Escanes It has been in the news for several months. Specifically, she since she announced her breakup with Risto Mejide and later they began to associate her indiscriminately with other familiar faces of hers. But she has always stayed true to her ideas: she is doing what any girl her age who just broke up would do, which is, enjoy her. One of her most recent professional projects has been to launch a podcast titled ‘Between the sky and the clouds’. In this program, Laura has conversations with other celebrities or with experts such as Álvaro Bilbao, known on networks as @enlamentedelnino and a specialist in child neuropsychology.

    Taking advantage of the visit of Álvaro Bilbao, Laura Escanes has read a letter dedicated to his daughter Roma, the most important person to her, as the content creator has emphasized on many occasions. In the text that Scanes has recited there is a clear reference to the fame that both she and Risto possess and that he fears that one day it will affect Rome what they will say about them and, consequently, what the 3-year-old may think. “You will hear a lot about mom and dad. Too many. That’s why, every time I have the opportunity to tell you or write to you, I don’t think about it. I don’t know if to shut up mouths, to convince you or to convince me, ”she says. Press ‘play’ to listen to this emotional letter!

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    Like any other mother Laura Escanes feels fear for the things that he has not known how to give or that, perhaps, he has not done well because What worries her the most about her daughter’s happiness. In addition, one of the things he wants is for Rome to remember childhood as a beautiful stage in his life and he ends his letter with some precious words: “You are brave, capable, sensitive, strong. Let no one make you doubt your strength ”, he concludes Laura Scanes.