Laura Escanes says goodbye to the year with the most timeless black manicure

      This holiday season we have a ton of gorgeous manicures to choose from. We have seen designs with Christmas motifs, manicures with glitter, jewel nails for a New Year’s Eve in style and, of course, nail art designs full of color and shine. Among so many trends, sometimes we forget that ‘less is more’ and it is not necessary to complicate much to have the perfect nails. If you don’t believe us, you will after watching the black manicure that Laura Escanes has shown us.

      To say goodbye to the year, Laura has opted for the most elegant, timeless and versatile that exists (come on, she has it all): black nails. This classic color from the color palette is a sure hit when it comes to showing off a perfect manicure. The ‘influencer’ has opted for this manicure in its ‘XL’ version and with almond-shaped nails, option that recently we have also seen María Pedraza take.

      Laura Escanes and the most timeless black manicure


      Although Laura has very long nails, the truth is that you don’t have to have them like her for this manicure to feel just as good on you. If something good has this timeless color of the chromatic palette It’s how good it is for everyone, regardless of the length or shape of the nail (for example, María Pombo wore it with square and short nails). In addition, as it is a neutral color, it combines perfectly with any ‘look’. If you still didn’t have a manicure for New Year’s Eve, this proposal by Laura Escanes will solve your night.