Laura Escanes shows her skin without filters in her latest ‘selfie’

      For some time now, there are many celebrities who have chosen to break with the halo of perfection that always surrounds them and begin to appear more natural. Showing the real texture of the skin (both the face and the body) is one of the latest viral trends on Instagram, where it is increasingly common to see ‘influencers’ showing their pimples on the face, redness, cellulite, stretch marks and other (supposed) imperfections. Lola Lolita recently joined the naturalness club showing her ‘real’ skin, and now Laura Escanes has followed his example.

      The ‘influencer’ has published a photo without filters or makeup in which she shows us the reality of her skin, with the occasional blemish and acne mark. And since she was showing herself real, she has done it completely and has taken the opportunity to confess the aesthetic touch-ups to which she has undergone. “I also wear eyelash extensions, yes. And I’ve also had some botox or hyaluronic acid retouching”has written on the image.

      Laura Escanes shows her natural skin, without filters or makeup


      We love that Laura Escanes has decided to be so natural and dispense with the filters that do so much damage to our mental health. It is not the first time that she has done it, and it is that only a few weeks ago she showed us the acne breakout that appeared in the area of ​​​​her cheek and forehead. Previously, she had also shown us the redness of her skin as a result of a poorly applied cosmetic active ingredient.

      But not only has she been encouraged to be more real when it comes to her skin. In her personal field, Laura has shown that not everything is as beautiful as we see it on Instagram after showing the saddest photos of her in 2022.