Laura Müller and Michael Wendler turtle at the Tiffany press event

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Laura Müller and Michael Wendler turtle at the Tiffany press event
Laura Müller attended a Tiffany press event. (Photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/lauramuellerofficial

Laura Müller and Michael Wendler were invited to a press event for the “Tiffany & Co.” brand in Miami. “Laura is in love again,” says Wendler. Chic sunglasses from the brand were waiting for the influencer in the hotel room.

Cape Coral/Miami – Laura Müller (21; everything about the influencer) and Michael Wendler (49; everything about the pop singer) like to give insights into their luxury life in America on social media. For example, the pop singer and his wife just bought a new boat. Now the two are showing up at a jewelry event by “Tiffany & Co.”

Laura Müller “in love” with Tiffany jewelry collection

Despite media reports of the couple’s financial difficulties, there is no sign of it on social media. Wendler and his Laura now attended a press event of the luxury jewelry brand “Tiffany & Co.” Wendler filmed the presented jewelry and explained: “Here’s a jewelry collection, meeega jewelry collection. And of course Laura is already in love again.”

In the following Instagram story, the two also give a glimpse of the hotel room where they stay in Miami – their home is in Cape Coral. In the hotel room, the influencer unpacks a pair of brand sunglasses, which are packaged in the label’s typical turquoise color. Müller specially matched her fingernails to exactly this color.

Flight, hotel and luxury gifts: Laura Müller and Michael Wendler turtle at the Tiffany press event

In another story, Laura Müller raves about the event while wearing the sunglasses she was given and thanks again for the invitation. A trip to Miami is always great, but even better with Tiffany, says Müller in English. Shortly thereafter, she shows her followers other new achievements from various designers: Hermès sandals and a Dior bag.

Wendler and Müller recently fell in love on a trip to Universal Studios Florida. There, the two drank two butterberries in front of the Harry Potter film set. Sources used: