Laura Pausini, the other star of the evening

If Ukraine won Eurovision on Saturday evening in Turin, singer Laura Pausini, who hosted the evening alongside Mika, stole the show from the candidates.

What if the real star of the evening was her? The performance of Italian singer Laura Pausini, who hosted Eurovision on Saturday evening, alongside Mika and host Alessandro Cattelan, sparked a real craze in the room and on social networks.

The singer’s energy blew the audience away. She notably opened the show with a medley of her great songs, such as Lonelinesshis 1993 hit.

Later in the evening, just before the appearance of the British candidate, his a cappella interpretation of Nel blu dipinto di blu (better known as Volare), taken up in chorus by the public of the Pala Olimpico, gave rise to a moment full of emotion. Domenico Modugno, Italian candidate in 1958 had offered Italy a third place in the Eurovision Song Contest with this song.

The many outfits of Laura Pausini also aroused many reactions, mocking but rather benevolent. A user humorously implying that the singer’s costume designer must have “been dumped during a slow de Loneliness“.

The singer has changed her outfit many times, swapping an orange “grated carrot” dress for a long white coat, then a third in black vinyl, for a sequined jacket, then slipping into a turquoise dress – to the best effect next to Mika in a fuchsia suit – then in a golden dress. Without forgetting a purple dress, matched with a make-up worthy of Morticia Addams.

“After almost thirty years of career, I am looking for new challenges and stimulating things”, had declared shortly before the show Laura Pausini to 20 minutes. It seems she picked it up brilliantly.

But Laura Pausini is not the only one to have shone and many Internet users have applauded the quality of Mika’s performance. On Wikipedia, his page is also at the top of searches in France, just behind the page on the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The singer also performed a medley of his great hits… and confidently assured the presentation of the evening. Even when the singer, victim of a slight discomfort, was absent for a good half hour, when the points were counted. “Sorry, I had too many emotions,” she explained. Emotions, in any case, she also gave a lot to the Eurovision audience.