Laureano Brizuela wants to exhibit in a documentary the injustice of being imprisoned

Mexico.- Laureano Brizuelaknown as ‘The Angel of Rock’ in the 1980s when he achieved great success, he suffered a serious blow to his career when he was jailed for alleged tax evasion in late 1989.

The Argentine singer-songwriter was detained at Mexico City International Airportwhere he arrived from Miami, accused of the crime of tax evasion in December 1989, and despite the fact that he always claimed that he was innocent, he was imprisoned for several months.

After four and a half months he was released, and although he was acquitted and without a crime to prosecute, things were no longer the same in his artistic career.

Laureano Brizuela, 73 years old, and who for several years has resided in San Miguel de AllendeGuanajuato, plans to show in a documentary the injustice he experienced, something that he himself has called in some interviews as ‘fiscal terrorism’.

The hit singer-songwriter “Shared dreams” revealed before the cameras of the program “Windowing”, that he is already analyzing the way to bring his story to the screen, however, he ruled out that it is a bioseries format, which is so popular today, because he wants to do a serious project.

We are talking about the possibility of making a documentary about my case so that it has a more human and legal content, than what could be a bioseries that what it does is gossip,” he said.

“There is too much material to feed a very well done documentary and also, surely, I am going to tell it and well, a very strong humanistic and legal message will be left there,” said Laureano.

The Argentine recalled that, despite the fact that the events occurred more than three decades ago, he beat the Mexican state, and he is still waiting for the damage to be compensated.

“The case was presented to the Inter-American Commission (Human Rights) and the government lost, the Mexican state lost the two sentences and we are still waiting for the government to take action so that it can compensate and repair the damage caused, that is what The lawyers are handling it directly, I don’t get involved in that”.

An old video of an interview with Laureano Brizuela began to circulate on social networks, in which he narrates how his arrest was and what he experienced on that December 15, 1989.

In the video, the singer-songwriter assures that he was given ‘a four’, in which Raúl Velasco from Celaía was involved, his son Raúl Velasco Jr., as well as the Treasury.

Laureano Brizuela works on new projects

Brizuela also shared that he is still working on a new album, with the aim of reaching the Grammy gala.

“Working hard on projects to make a new album, to present it for the Grammys, not for the award but to be present at the party.”

In the same way, he confirmed that he will soon start a project as an entrepreneur in San Miguel de Allende, since he will open a performance center, which he described as “a music hall with a bar.”