Laurence Boccolini and infertility: rare secrets about her suffering and her treatment

Laurence Boccolini decided to break through the shell! Guest of Jordan De Luxe for his show At Jordan’sthe meeting of Entertainment TV, the 59-year-old host speaks as rarely about her private life. For example, she confided in her divorce with Mickaël Fakaïlo, whose big age difference likely led to the breakup. Nevertheless, the two exes are still on good terms for the sake of their daughter Willow (8 years old). A child that the couple had difficulty welcoming. Indeed, Laurence Boccolini revealed to be infertile in 2008 in her book Since the storks have lost my address. Through this poignant book, she explained that she had turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) several times in the hope of starting a family.

A very complicated period, the memory of which is still painful. At the time, she presented the game Weak link and lives very badly“his treatment.We are not accompanied at all. A couple who lives that, I am wholeheartedly with them“, she declared to Jordan De Luxe. Thus, today, after so much fight to become a mother and after having finally opted for adoption, Laurence Boccolini only wishes to devote herself to the happiness of her daughter. “There’s no room, it’s all Willow“, she assured. It is precisely for her fulfillment that the host refuses to reveal the face of her child on social networks. “I want her to be quiet, I want her to be left alone at school“, she let go.

Remember that already in 2020, Nagui’s replacement in Everyone wants to take its place evoked his journey strewn with pitfalls through an Instagram post. “I have forgotten nothing of those years. I will never forget what it took to go through and nothing and no one will erase these years of painful struggle where sadness and the feeling of injustice filled the days and nights… Courage to those who live in this situation. I think of you“, she wrote on the occasion of Infertility Awareness Week.