Laurence Ferrari and Thomas Hugues: Who is their daughter Laëtitia Hugues, a perfect look-alike of her parents?

This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Thomas Hughes turns 56. But it is also the occasion of another important birthday, that of his daughter Laëtitia Hugues, her daughter with Laurence Ferrari. The famous young woman, she, its 27 yearss this year. But by the way who is the daughter of Laurence Ferrari and Thomas Hugues? Like her illustrious parents, who have been separated since 2007, Laëtitia Hugues has decided to embark on a career in the world of images. She also makes documentaries. On her Instagram account, the one who perfectly resembles her two parents, also mentions his production company, Poppy Prod. In this one, she collaborates with two of her friends.

And the presentation of Laëtitia Hugues on Poppy Prod’s Instagram account says more about her assertive and generous character. “A third of our trio, Laetitia is our talented director, videographer and video editor. Traveling the world, she is passionate about filming people and their stories“, we learn about the daughter of the two famous journalists, a television star couple in the 2000s. And to see the superb photos shared on the social network, Laëtitia Hugues seems to travel a lot, often in the company of her boyfriend.

A legacy of passion

This passion for the image, it is naturally his parents who transmitted it to him. Because the couple has never failed to involve their children, Laëtitia and Baptiste, in their activities. Thomas Hugues thus entrusted on Non Stop Peoplethat his children followed him on the set of seven to eight when they were the presenters with Laurence Ferrari. “It happened to them to frolic in the decor (…) and in management“, he recalled, still amused by his memories. Baptiste Hugues, he became a sound engineer. “They are still a little behind the camera, but not necessarily in front“, summarized the journalist, now on LCP.