Laurent Fontaine swings about the huge salary of Jean-Pierre Pernaut!

The columnists of TPMP People had recently looked at the huge salary that Jean-Pierre Pernaut received at the time of How much does it cost. This issue had indeed allowed the presenter of TF1 to receive up to 30,000 euros per bonus. Knowing that he could register up to four bonuses per month, you can imagine the importance of the income he had managed to collect monthly. Enough to make Laurent Fontaine salivate, who had revealed that he had won the equivalent of three to four thousand euros per show. He was 30 at the time and was already paid like a star. Even those present in the audience could not help but show their astonishment over this exorbitant salary.

The columnists do not believe their ears

Mathieu Delormeau could not believe his ears. “And again, these prices were from the time,” exclaimed Isabelle Morini-Bosc. The career of Jean-Pierre Pernaut had however been marked by his presence in the JT 13 hours and for that, he was well paid. The darling of Nathalie Marquay would indeed have received up to 50,000 euros per month. Words that join those who say that Jacques Legros would be paid up to 2000 euros by JT.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut has in any case never confirmed these salary rumors which had once flooded the media. Laurent Fontaine had, however, explained this attractive remuneration by the fact that TF1 had a 30% market share at the time. The filming of How much does it cost was also relatively long. So many reasons that can only explain these dream salaries.