Laurent Ruquier: why was he upset during his last romantic weekend with Hugo Manos

Happy in his relationship with the handsome Hugo Manos, Laurent Ruquier would however be about to be upstaged by his companion. This is what the host revealed this Thursday, April 21, on the Big Heads set, referring to a vexing mishap that happened to him with his darling.

While they had initially wanted to keep their relationship a secret, Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos no longer hide, and fully live their love. But the 34-year-old could soon become even more famous than the host. Star of TikTok, the model and sports coach joined the team of TPMP People where he now works as a columnist. A new position that allows him to see his notoriety grow as confirmed by Laurent Ruquier in the Big heads this Thursday, April 21. The presenter ofWe are live has indeed told what had happened to him as he was preparing to fly to Marbella, Spain, with his darling, during the Easter weekend.

As soon as they arrived at Orly airport, things got off to a bad start. “They piss us off! You have to wait 30 minutes for a footbridge”, said Laurent Ruquier. Half an hour was enough for other passengers to recognize them before calling them. I kiss a lady, whose name is Christine, who was with her two children at the airport and who was a little ashamed because she kept talking to me”continued the host, before adding: “To tell you all, she hadn’t recognized me. Do you know what notoriety is? She had recognized my companion! A small misadventure which particularly affected Laurent Ruquier in his esteem.When that happens to you, it starts to look old!”, entrusted the latter.

Hugo Manos promoted at the last minute in TPMP

Now it’s over, I tell the whole audience: Now I accept photos!”, assured with humor the presenter in front of the spectators who came to attend the Big Heads. But with his dream body, Hugo Manos has surely not finished stealing the show from his companion. This Wednesday, April 20, Hugo Manos made his first appearance in Touche pas à mon poste as a columnist. A great promotion that the young man learned at the last moment. “Today I was called at 1 p.m. I was in Spain, in Marbella, they called me just before I got on the plane. A romantic weekend in Marbella”he explained before Cyril Hanouna asked him a personal question: “You are happy ? You’re in love ? Everything is fine ?”. “Everything is going great”confirmed the companion of Laurent Ruquier who seems to be living a real fairy tale for a few months.


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