Laurent was thinking about suicide before his meeting with Maud…

It’s a love story as we like them on Karine Le Marchand’s show. Indeed, some souls are made to meet. Since their love at first sight at the speed-dating of Love is in the meadow in 2019, Laurent and Maud never let go of each other. The two lovebirds live a real fairy tale. Indeed, it was a bit of a last chance for the farmer. He was so sad and lonely that he thought about suicide…

Love is in the meadow : two stars made to meet!

Each new season, fans of Love is in the meadow can’t wait to discover the portraits of the new farmers. It’s not always easy to meet people when you live a bit remote in the countryside. For example, in 2019, Karine Le Marchand came to the aid of Laurent, a shy and particularly touching farmer. He raises cows and sheep and he is very busy in his professional life. So he asked the show for a little help M6. The least we can say is that luck was there for him. Indeed, as soon as he meets Maud’s gaze, it’s immediate and mutual love at first sight.

Since their adventure in Love is in the meadow, the duo has become fusional. At the beginning of April 2022, they celebrated their three years of romance on their account instagram.

“3 years already! Speed ​​dating in Paris. Where our eyes first met. The distancing was not yet relevant. I was able to hug you, give you a hug, a kiss on arrival and a kiss on the neck before leaving. We were in our bubble and yet so stressed by this unusual encounter,” posts Maud with photos of speed-dating and her gorgeous floral dress. For Laurent, their meeting changed everything. Indeed, one can say that Love is in the meadow saved his life.

Love is in the meadow thanks to a social worker!

This Sunday, April 24, the Youtuber JeremStar published a video on which he spends a full day with the couple. Laurent took the opportunity to admit that if he had participated in the broadcast of Love is in the meadow, it’s thanks to a very special person. Indeed, it is his social worker! ” She helped me write a letter that I sent to production. The social worker took care of me because I had a somewhat complicated private past“, he says.

The farmer points out that they became good friends when she helped him regain custody of his children. Thus, it was this young woman who boosted him to embark on the experience of Love is in the meadow. “Laurent, I would like to see you sign up. I will try to write you a letter. You might meet someone who makes you happy” , said social assistance. Maud is so grateful to this woman that they have both become friends.

Laurent had suicidal thoughts

Love is in the meadow made Laurent evolve like never before. Indeed, the show brought him several things. First of all, he regained his self-confidence. ” I had lost confidence. Everything was collapsing around me, I was no longer sure of myself. I was sad“, he says. Then, it gave him meaning in his life after a period of depression. “I had arrived at a stage, at the time, where I saw everything in black, I was all alone. I was not well. I had intended at one time to do things that shouldn’t be, like committing suicide“, he admits with great emotion.

Of course, Maud is very sensitive and empathetic too. She was very touched to hear the words of her companion. “I felt a bit of this distress and that’s what touched me in his portrait. I just wanted to hug him and say ‘don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Together we will be stronger. We will overcome a lot of things. »