Laury Thilleman “like a junky”: revelations about an addiction and its cure to get out of it

Laury Thilleman has several strings to its bow. In 2011, she began a career as a presenter on Eurosport and currently, it is on France Télévisions that she does the show, on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique in particular. She has also written several books, created her Parisian brand and then, or even works for the site SHE. In other words, her laptop is one of her work tools, in addition to being a tool she can use for personal reasons. But by dint of using it too much, Miss France 2011 noticed some negative effects. Thus, she began a cure a few years ago.

It’s on the occasion of a new column for the site SHE that Laury Thilleman mentioned this subject. On a daily basis, she feels “bombarded by messages, emails, WhatsApp and notifications all day long“. So she often has her nose on her phone and feels “amputated without him“So, in order that her mental health would not be in danger, the 30-year-old made a big decision.”A few summers ago, I started testing diets without a smartphone, or even without a screen at all!“, she specifies.

Indeed, each time Laury Thilleman goes on vacation or on a road trip, she turns off her phone for several days. Obviously, the first hours were difficult. The former wife of Juan Arbelaez was afraid of missing a call or important information. “I was like a digital junky! I needed my dose of connected adrenaline. Let my thumb scroll and my eyes take their shot of blue light!“, she continued. But after a while, and “some cold sweats“, the young woman from Brest (Brittany) has discovered the benefits of this cure which she does every summer now.

My digital detox diet has done me terribly good !!!! I could wait in a line without listening to my messages, I could get up in the morning without looking at my emails, worse (or better) I could have NO BATTERY. Incredible isn’t it? I felt FREE. And much more AVAILABLE. For me, but also for others“, she wrote. Laury Thilleman can now enjoy her holidays more and is much less stressed. So she challenges the people who follow her to do the same. Challenge accepted?