Laury Thilleman, the Miss reveals this object which was essential to her when she was Miss France

The Miss France election of the superb Laury Thilleman goes back ten years now. In 2011, her life changed and since then she has undertaken great things in her career. In particular the podcast InPower that she launched and we learn more about her. And on her Miss France period. She gives us her very practical secret that inspired her self-confidence.

Laury Thilleman, the happy Brestoise

At just 30 years old, Laury Thilleman has a lot to tell us about her life. And it’s not over ! Moreover, we come back to a few passages of his career. From the age of fourteen, the pretty brunette is spotted by the agency Elite. But she is ambitious and does not forget about school. However, this openness to the world of modeling will be useful for him to finance his higher business studies. In addition, we know that she is a great sportswoman. Indeed, Laury Thilleman is passionate about swimming and surfing.

But at the end of her schooling, she does not stop there. She decides to do two years alternately in a journalism school and at Eurosport. With his enthusiasm for sports, this is quite relevant. And then, the Miss France contest presented itself to her. She became Miss Brittany in 2010 and won the competition in 2011. Moreover, she was so upset when her coronation was announced that she went to the public without Malika Ménard having had time to give her the Crown. A rather funny and moving moment. Watch for yourselves in the video above.

But her year as a Miss was not easy. Nude photos have been unveiled by Paris Match. For two months, the title of Miss France will be withdrawn. Laury Thilleman apologizes to Sylvie Tellier and the entire Miss France committee. Thus, she will be able to recover her dear crown to complete her year. Check out these projects below.

A recognized career

Since December 4, 2010, the day of her victory, Laury Thilleman has become a talented and admired journalist. The former beauty queen has more than one trick up her sleeve. Everyone followed his love affair with Juan Arbelaez. They help each other in their professional careers and it is very touching. Watch the video below to learn more about this charming fusional couple.

Laury Thilleman’s career as a journalist therefore began at Eurosport. Then she presented several shows on France Televisions and Suits you. For example, Alone against all, The Music Festival, Happy & Zen or Surprise on take.

In addition, the sportswoman has published several books in this field. She has published no less than seven books on physical condition, nutrition, pilates, beauty rituals, positivity and entrepreneurship. Recently, she even started her own podcast. And that’s where we learned one of his well-kept secrets. We tell you everything below.

His lucky item?

We all have tips and tricks for reassurance and even people we didn’t think we needed, like Laury Thilleman. A pendant, a piece of clothing, a song… What is the Miss’s? You will be amazed.

Throughout his business studies, Laury Thilleman’s teachers told him to have a well-crafted strategy. And they kind of brainwashed him: “That the network is the most important if you want to get into professional life”, she said during the interview. Thus, the young woman has not forgotten this advice and applies it during her Miss year. She created an object and a routine that have become essential to her. And it is… a binder! Quite simply, but it had to be thought about! The TV presenter explained her process: “You will rate each person you meet, whether it is a farmer at the Agricultural Show, a politician, a host or people from the media that you meet.”

Thus, it cannot be denied that she is serious and very methodical. For Laury Thilleman, this represents the best way to organize. As if it were a flowchart of his meetings: ” I made three, four dividers where I put the business cards, the places where I had met them and what they had potentially proposed to me to do after my year of Miss France ”. However, Laury Thilleman’s binder did not necessarily serve him during his career. But this one reassured ”. Subsequently, she realized that the opportunities, finally, it is conceived differently ”.

We can’t wait to hear all of his tips on his podcast. And it must be said that his joie de vivre is communicative!

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