“Layla” musician accuses Mickie Krause of cheating

As is well known, the party hit is dominated by a good atmosphere. The songs are often about boozy celebrations and conquering the queen of hearts. Now the humorous music industry is overshadowed by a real scandal: “Layla” interpreter DJ Robin accuses Mickie Krause of having stolen a newcomer.

Robin Leutner, the real name of the “Layla” artist, accuses the “Ten Naked Hairdressers” singer of adorning himself with foreign feathers and of having coldly exploited a musician who is still at the beginning of his career. It is far from clear who is right in this dispute.

“Layla” musician jumps to the side of the newcomer: “There is only one original!”

We’re talking about the musician Micha von der Rampe. The trained bank clerk landed his first hit this summer with “Partyanimal” and even appeared with it in July on ZDF’s “Fernsehgarten”. With the party anthem “Hut, Hut, Beautiful Mountains” he now wants to build on this success. In addition to Micha, four other gentlemen are involved in the production of the song.

His record company “Electrola”, which also has Mickie Krause under contract, is said to have verbally assured Micha von der Rampe that he could sing the song himself, as he reported to “Bild”. But then everything turns out differently: “I wrote the song, I had a commitment from my record company to sing the number and now they just gave the song to Mickie Krause. I feel totally screwed.”

It is understandable that the 26-year-old feels cheated. DJ Robin, who became famous this year with the scandalous song “Layla”, also agrees and is now publicly shooting at Mickie Krause. Under an Instagram clip that shows Mickie singing “Hütte, Hütte, schön Berge” he comments: “And once again something was stolen from a young artist! After all, the words twisted. That probably shows how unimaginative and without alternatives the veteran ‘stars’ are! There is only one original! Mountains, mountains, beautiful hut!”

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Mickie Krause in the line of fire: record company speaks plain language

DJ Robin is already alluding to Micha’s throwback from the ramp. After his song was awarded to Mickie Krause, the newcomer simply uploads his own version of the party hit to Instagram. It is entitled “Mountains, mountains, beautiful hut”. But with this return carriage, Micha seems to be shooting himself out. His record company is still unsure whether they want to release the song.

“It remains questionable whether the song ‘Berge, Berge, schön Hütte’ by Micha von der Rampe, which is now due for release, can rightly be published, which is why we reserve the right to carry out a legal review. There is nothing more to say in this context at the moment,” says Electrola.

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And what do those responsible say about the allegations against Mickie Krause? “The ‘Electrola’ label has decided that the song ‘Hütte, Hütte, schön Berge’, which was written by a total of five authors, including Micha von der Rampe, should be interpreted by Mickie Krause,” reads the company’s statement . The decision as to which artist is allowed to sing the song at the end lies entirely with the record company. “All participants, including Micha von der Rampe, agreed to this,” it says.

So now there is statement against statement. Meanwhile, the production of the winter hit is in full swing. Mickie Krause has already sung the song in the studio. The release of the song is planned for early January 2023.