Léa Salamé: her relationship with Nicolas Demorand, “the most successful marriage of her life”

Thursday, May 5, 2022, Nicolas Demorand, journalist born in Vancouver, turns 51. A headliner of information which, every morning, animates the morning of France Inter with Léa Salamé. Two media personalities who have developed a strong friendship.

Since 2017, their complicity on the air is undeniable. On France Inter, Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand form a shock duo by hosting the morning show every day. An essential program listened to, on average, by 4.3 million listeners. In an article published on Sunday January 23, 2022 by Point, the two journalists had confided in their collaboration. The opportunity for Nicolas Demorand, who turns 51 on May 5, to recognize that “from this arranged marriage was born a professional friendship“. And his radio partner, Léa Salamé, to follow in his footsteps by saying that this pair was “the most successful marriage of his life”. For her part, Laurence Bloch, the director of France Inter, remembered the duo debut : “They sniffed each other, looked at each other, sintered a bit and, how smart they are, they became aware of their complementarity. They really are a power couple in the morning.”

An obvious connivance on the airwaves. On April 26, 2022, Léa Salamé had even let herself go, in the middle of a press review by the editorialist Claude Askolovitch. While the latter concluded his intervention by “Love gives wings and so does survival”, Lea Salame did not hesitate to add openly : “Ass, ass, ass! I’ve got a bad mind”. Nicolas Demorand, hilarious, then continued:I was going to say Science“. What cause a general giggle. Another highlight between the two journalists, this moment when, in mourning, they paid tribute to journalist Mathieu Sarda, programmer of the show, who died in June 2020 at the age of 41. “France Inter is in shock, our little ‘7/9’ team is in shock“, began Nicolas Demorand, very affected. “The success of the morning is him”, had supported Léa Salamé. Two personalities united in joy as in sadness.

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Nicolas Demorand: father of 2 children with another journalist

Apart from France Inter, Nicolas Demorand abandons his host costume for that of father. On a daily basis, he is indeed a dad who is fulfilled by his two children, fruits of his love story with Louise Terret. By meeting this journalist from France Culture, specializing in questions of education and feminismwho is originally from Vancouver, did not expect to discover the joys of fatherhood, as he revealed in the columns of She. “The pressure is insidious. Can’t help but feel a little guilty. In fact, you are not yet a father that you are already suspected of not being a ‘good’ father!”he told the media.

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