“Legally we grow”; René Strickler celebrates the wedding of his son and his boyfriend Manuel Alonso

Through his Instagram account, actor René Strickler shared photos of his son’s wedding.

Over the weekend, Yanick Strickler and her boyfriend Manuel Alonso Cárdenas got married, as they had announced in November of last year.

René decided that this happiness deserved to be shared on social networks, so he published a gallery of family photos at the party.

Yanick and Manuel Alonso had been dating for two years.

Yannick is 29 years old and his mother is Patty Rangel, with whom René Strickler was married until 2009.

The actor’s son has a construction agency called “Strickler Architects”, and also owns a men’s underwear brand called “Drom”.

In 2020, his relationship with Manuel Alonso began to become public as they shared images on networks of Manuel Alonso’s birthday in Argentina.

“Let another one begin by your side full of fun, joy, teaching, travel and more mop things. I love you very much,” Yannick wrote on that occasion.

Now, Yanick hasn’t posted anything about the link but his dad decided to show his pride.

“It is a memorable day in the family, today we legally grow and love grows; many blessings and congratulations always, children,” he wrote on his Instagram account.