Lele Pons attacks Luisito Comunica after saying that she is “Latina when it suits her”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Venezuelan singer Lele Pons exploded against the youtuber Luisito Communicates after the famous said that she “did not want to speak Spanish in the beginning” and also “took advantage of her Latin position when it suited her.”

The talk on the subject came to light during an interview for Radio Divaza, where the famous one referred to the accusations against him made by the Mexican Luisito Communicates.

“No, that never happened, that’s not true. People who know me know that when I meet someone new I’m willing to say hi and TikTok. She was in shock. How is it possible that a person who doesn’t know me, doesn’t know anything about my life, he’s a friend of my friends, says that in an interview. I have never spoken ill of Luisito, I admired him, ”she explained.

Nevertheless, Lele Pons He showed some messages he received from the youtuber in which he apologized for the statements, which he made as part of a “funny anecdote”.

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The also content creator said that as a result of Luisito’s words, she received a lot of hate on her social networks and when she asked the Mexican to deny what was said, she was ignored.

“For me, a man who speaks ill of a woman just to want to be funny is horrible… because you don’t know me, you don’t know anything about my life and you have no right to label me,” he said.

Finally, he sent an empowering message to Internet users saying that “You are worth a lot, you cannot let a person who does not know you make you feel less and has the right to use your name and say things, because he knows that you have a voice, you are important, defend yourself, value yourself”.

So far, the youtuber has not commented on the matter, but it is expected that in the next few hours he will react and provide an explanation about what happened.

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The controversial statements

“At that time Lele Pons had not put on the I am Latina shirt, she was still viner and she showed herself as: I totally speak English, I am American. So I say… this is Lele Pons, I’m going to greet her, since I thought I had heard somewhere that she was Venezuelan and she must speak Spanish. She came saying hello and she tells me Sorry I don’t speak Spanish and is still on her phone, ”said Luisito Comunica during an interview for ExaFm.

Some time later, the famous one positioned herself in the United States territory and boasted her Venezuelan genetics to what the youtuber thought: “This tremendous is Latina when it suits her,” she said.

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