Lena Gercke surprises with an intimate shot – and inspires fans: “role model”

ARCHIVE - September 12, 2021, Berlin: Lena Gercke comes to the LeGer Show at the power plant.  The model welcomed

Lena Gercke recently became a mom for the second time.Image: dpa / Jens Kalaene


Anna von Stefenelli

Lena Gercke recently became a mom for the second time. While others celebrated the turn of the year with firecrackers and boisterous parties, the family of four enjoyed their time in familiar surroundings. The TV presenter and “GNTM” winner from 2006 surprised with an extraordinarily intimate photo from New Year’s Eve. For this she is celebrated by her fans.

Lena Gercke shares a photo of an intimate moment with her daughter Lia

While many people are in a party mood on New Year’s Eve, the turn of the year is usually quieter for families with small children. Lena Gercke also spent the transition to 2023 in a quiet atmosphere. No wonder: it was the first New Year’s Eve for the family of four.

As the latest Instagram photo of the 34-year-old reveals, she spent part of the party on the couch. Just before midnight, the moderator posted an intimate picture of herself with her youngest offspring. You can see it: Lena Gercke with Baby Lia in her arms. She is sitting on the sofa, lovingly looking down at her child. The little one sucks apparently relaxed on the mother’s breast. In the caption, Lena simply writes: “New Year’s Eve ’22”, adding a baby emoji and a white heart.

Lena Gercke’s still photo inspires her fans: “role model”

There are shots that are unusually intimate for the model – and apparently well received. Within hours, the post garnered over a hundred thousand likes and thousands of comments. Mostly positive.

“Beautiful photo,” writes one person. Another describes the captured moment as the best example of “pure motherly love”. The photo makes some mothers think back wistfully to their own breastfeeding days. “That’s what my New Year’s Eve 2021 was like back then. Oh, how I loved our breastfeeding relationship. It’s great that you’re still breastfeeding despite being a model and are a loving role model for young girls,” writes a user enthusiastically.

Lia is the second child in the family

On December 13, Lena Gercke announced that her daughter Lia saw the light of day. She had posted a photo of the hands of the family of four on Instagram. The text: “There she is. Welcome to our little gang of girls.”

Lia makes her sibling Zoe her big sister. Zoe was born in July 2020 as the first daughter of Lena and her partner Dustin Schöne. The model and the hobby angler have been a couple since 2019.

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