Léna Situations conquering America



The Frenchie has landed in the United States for a month and it does not go unnoticed.

She had dreamed of it, she did it. Since April 9, Léna Mahfouf has settled in Los Angeles for at least three months. “I don’t want to leave Paris for good,” she said when she announced her move. We could have expected a slowdown in his activity, a “social detox” to recharge his batteries, nay. The youtubeuse with 2.2 million subscribers has never been in such demand.

Barely a handful of hours after arriving on Californian soil, she put on a Balmain dress as red as the Daily Front Raw Awards carpet she walked on, between Paris Hilton, part of the Kardashian family and Megan Fox. A few days later, when her cover for “L’Officiel” appeared, she walked the aisles of the Coachella festival, an unmissable event for any self-respecting influencer.

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On May 2, the youtuber at the Met Gala in New York.

On May 2, the youtuber at the Met Gala in New York.

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And then, on May 1, the young woman posted an enigmatic video of her in evening dress in the New York subway. On May 2, the revelation: Léna, led by the YouTube team, would be the first French influencer to be invited to the prestigious Met Gala. “So it was not a dream but reality,” she wrote, posting a photo of her outfit of the day, Markarian dress, Bulgari jewelry and Jimmy Choo shoes. No doubt, Léna is living her American dream.

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