Lena Situations: Internet users are under the spell of her latest Instagram photo!

Lena Situations is a young woman well known on social networks. Indeed, she has more than 2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel! Moreover, for several days the pretty brunette left Paris. Indeed, Lena realizes her dream of living for 3 months in Los Angeles! Moreover, a few days ago, the French influencer entered the big leagues! Indeed, she is the first French influencer to have been invited to the famous Met Gala! Very moved, the youtuber also shared a video of her reaction to the announcement of this good news. As shown in her video made in partnership with Vogue, Lena was in tears when a member of her team told her that she would be present at the MET! Besides, the young woman has made a lot of talk about her! Indeed, her outfit and her presence made her a very noticed guest by the cameras of the whole world! At Nextplz, we are very proud to see that Lena is gradually realizing all her biggest dreams!

Lena Situations: Her subscribers are fans of her look!

Lena Situations is a young woman who is very active on her social networks. Indeed, the pretty brunette likes to share her daily life with her subscribers. But, Lena is also a very committed influencer. Indeed, she advocates self-confidence and the liberation of women! Remember, a few months ago, the pretty brunette deactivated her twitter account after receiving numerous criticisms about her hair being considered too frizzy!

Lena’s Instagram

On her Instagram account, the pretty brunette posted a beautiful photo of her! Moreover, as shown by the comments under his publications, Internet users are in love with his new look. You can read: It’s so nice to see a nice curly cut! We are told all day long that our pretty curls are not GLAMOROUS but you prove that it is totally false ! ” or ” This mashed star you are incredible ! ” And you what do you think ?

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