Lena Situations: She is creating an association for young scholarship holders!

As you know, Lena Situations is one of the most famous young youtubers. Indeed, the young woman has millions of subscribers on her social networks. Moreover, this year she was the first French influencer invited to the MET Gala! A real consecration for the young woman. Remember, Lena had shared her reaction on video. When she learned that she had been invited to this great event, the young woman burst into tears, realizing one of her biggest dreams! A few weeks ago, the youtuber was the buzz on the web. The reason ? Her very sexy look when climbing the steps of the Cannes Film Festival. The pretty brunette wore a gorgeous dress, showing off her back! Moreover, subscribers had loved that Lena shows herself natural, that is to say, with curly hair: “The icing on the cake? Your natural hair… Really with natural hair it’s magic! »

Lena Situations: She thinks big!

Lena Situations is a young woman very involved in her community. Indeed, the young woman is already angry against discrimination and harassment! Remember, she herself had suffered harassment on her twitter account. Moreover, following that, the pretty brunette had deactivated her account for several weeks! But today, Lena is happy to announce that her project to help young people in their studies is finally launched!

lena situations twitter

On her twitter account, Lena explained in 2021 that she wanted to help young people: “ The idea is to give the opportunity to young people who are motivated but who have a wall in front of them: the budget of a school. I know that today even more help for students is needed. I promise you this will be the first scholarship in a long line ! But this week Lena confirmed her desire and the launch of this aid for young students in the podcast published by Elise & Julia. Bravo Lena for your initiative!

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/255871-lena-situations-cree-association-jeunes-boursiers