Leni Klum celebrates her high school graduation with Mama Heidi

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Leni Klum celebrates her high school graduation with Mama Heidi
Leni Klum poses in a blue graduation gown – she has her high school diploma. (Photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/Leni Klum

Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni Klum is the first of her children to graduate from high school. Mom and daughter proudly share pictures and videos with the certificate on Instagram. Now moving to New York for college.

Los Angeles – Heidi Klum’s eldest child (49), Leni Klum (18; all about her career and personal life), has finished school. Mom proudly shares this on Instagram. She films her daughter in the signature graduation robe and mortarboard, which is a dark blue at Leni’s school in the family home of Los Angeles and is noted as “Class of 2022.”

“Proud of you”: Leni Klum celebrates her high school graduation with Mama Heidi

Under a reel of her daughter, as she picks up her certificate on stage, Heidi Klum writes: “I’m so proud of you!”. In another Instagram video, her daughter throws her doctoral hat in the air, a classic custom after graduation. This also applies to receiving the high school certificate that marks the end of school in America.

Leni Klum herself poses happily in the garden on her Instagram channel with the valuable final document. In an interview, the 18-year-old model already announced what will happen to her now – she is moving to the city where she was born.

After successfully completing high school: Leni Klum goes to study in New York

The successful model, who has already been booked for brands such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, will move to New York. Not only more model jobs beckon there, but also further training at college. Leni Klum is aiming for a degree in interior design. She also told ProSieben: “I think my mom will call me every day and ask, ‘How was your day? Did you eat?’ She’ll always want to know how I’m doing,” said Leni Klum.

At the age of 16, Heidi Klum’s daughter entered the modeling business. Leni Klum admitted in an interview: “I had no idea”. Sources used: instagram.com/heidiklum; instagram.com/leniklum