León Fair 2023: Grupo Duelo reaches the hearts of its fans at Palenque

Leon, Guanajuato.- Duel Group came to Palenque of the León Fair 2023 to show who is the lord and master of the ring with songs that touched the heart as part of his “Sorenatural” tour.

At exactly 11:40 p.m., the northern group invited everyone to enjoy a night full of odes to love and heartbreak: “24 seven” It was the first one.

Good night Leon! We are going to enjoy tonight,” they promised. “How is the race tonight? An honor to be with you. It’s worth dancing, singing, an honor to be here. What does the race say?” they added.

Óscar Treviño, the vocalist of Grupo Duelo, put all the feeling into his interpretation. Photo: Gerardo Garcia

The Duel host introduced Oscar Trevino, the composer of the group and promised an ad hoc show on palenque night. “Up the women of León, Guanajuato!”.

followed “Beloved Solitude”with which they shouted, especially from the women.

The palenque floor felt sticky after the band’s previous show Registered Trademark; that did not prevent the more than 6 thousand attendees from stopping to dance.

“I told the heart”, was one of the most sung. The women raised their glasses and toasted lovers.

Grupo Duelo provoked the cries of aching hearts in the Palenque. Photo: Gerardo Garcia

Duelo had a great atmosphere and asked for health many times: “Give a shout out. Cheers!”.

“Forget me” It came with the request to forget those promises of love, it was a song dedicated to heartbreak.

“Only with you” it led fans of Duelo to get up from their seats and others to phone to dedicate the song.

The fans of Grupo Duelo proved to know each and every one of their songs. Photo: Gerardo Garcia

The musicians ‘were strong’ and did not let their audience rest, since they launched ammunition directly into the heart.

“I wanted” was the background to provide a nostalgic set with “We talk so much” and “Why don’t you go?”.

Later, the space darkened to request the presence of the lovers: “Let’s see if they remember this one,” they said to later interpret “and I stayed”.

This is how the night continued – early morning with poems to love and shouts of emotion.

The members of Grupo Duelo at a press conference, prior to their concert at Palenque. Photo: Gerardo Garcia