León Fair 2023: Now Matute is fulfilling and successfully debuting at Palenque!

Leon, Guanajuato.-A matute recharged arrived for the first time at Palenque of the León Fair 2023 to celebrate as it should “Quinceanera Tour” that caused the sold out in the enclosure.

In a previous interview, Jorge D’Alessio clarified the cancellation of his concert last year at Velaria, it had nothing to do with them, because in their career they had not left their audience planted.

After talking about his plans and the fifteen-year-old tour that will travel to Europe for the first time and return to Central America; They gave space for photos with fans in the dressing room and then meditated, thanked for the concert that night, had a shot of tequila and declared the destructive party inaugurated.

Jorge D’Alessio promised a great destructive night. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

It all started with an eighties karaoke with which the lights of the place went out, thus appeared Jorge D’Alessio (Producer, Vocalist, keyboard), Ignacio “Nacho” Izeta (Electric guitar, Vocalist), Pepe Sánchez (Keyboard), Irving Regalado (Drums), Tana Planter (vocals, Choirs) and Paco “El Oso” Morales (Bass).

“Quinceañera” brought back memories of those soap operas from the late 80s.

“Welcome Leon! We really wanted to celebrate with you. Everyone with their palms up!” greeted D’Alessio.

Tana stood out with a bright wardrobe and her pink coat. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

Dresses in the Hugo Boss Pink began with “Cars, Fashion and Rockandroll” Y “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

They greeted the eighties and warned them that this would get out of hand. The more than 6,000 attendees got up from their seats, some carried their iPads, and the chatter began.

The songs of memory resounded in the Palenque. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro
Matute reminded his fans of his high school days. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

Matute became a good rocker and most of them began to lose their inhibitions with a few drinks on top.

“Let the night begin! Matute is in the house! We owed you a special night and while you applaud we’re going to sing to you. Until they kick us out, we’re going to leave.”

Jorge explained the dynamics of the concert: “We are going to go from Hombres G to Soda Stereo”, he invited them on a journey through nostalgia

The people chanted all the songs from yesterday and today. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro

“Tied to a Feeling” caused everyone to stand up and reminisce about their high school days.

And so it was, for more than two hours nostalgia took over everyone and their memories seemed to be stranded at that moment.

Jorge D’Alessio returned more energetic than ever. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro
The vocalist received compliments and much applause. Photo: Jose Antonio Castro