León Fair 2023: Pepe Aguilar gives his heart to more than 5 thousand people

León.- In the Palenque of the León Fair 2023, Pepe Aguilar He was in charge of singing “Las mañanitas” to León on his 447th anniversary with odes to love and heartbreak with the same feeling that the charro shows when death has to be avoided.

Pepe Aguilar is one of the darlings of Palenque, and fondly remembered how years ago he came to see Vicente Fernandez and share with his father, don Anthony Aguilar.

After midnight, Pepe thanked the audience for their presence and warned them that it would be an evening to give their hearts away.

Dear Leon, Guanajuato! Are you ready to fall in love again tonight? You are the most beautiful fair in Mexico,” said Ángela Aguilar’s father.

The first ones in the repertoire were: “100 percent Mexican”, “For a pretty woman”, “El zacatecano”, “Recuérdame bonito”, among others.

The night was ad hoc for a meeting between friends, to get rid of sorrows or remember the legacy of Los Aguilar.

Pepe Aguilar, who will repeat this January 21 at Palenque, wiped his sweat and threw the towel he used to his fans; More than 5,000 people enjoyed a night with the most famous songs of the 54-year-old performer.

“How are you up there?” asked the singer while showing off his powerful voice.

Pepe Aguilar sang in front of more than 5 thousand people. Photo: Oscar Camargo

The singer said on several occasions: “Life is worthless, damn…”. He also appreciated the presence of his public: “Thank you for being here, today and tomorrow. It is not work to come with you, it is a pleasure to come for 30 years. Thank you because there are few of us who dress as charro”.

Pepe Aguilar invited them to promote charrería, to go to the charro canvas. He thanked his friend Tony Chavarría and the team of charros “El soyate sin frontera”.

The singer remembered his father, Don Antonio Aguilar, and Vicente Fernández. Photo: Oscar Camargo

Then he sang “Tus desprecios” a song that he recorded in a pandemic and played with “El Fantasma”.

Then came: “Straight to the heart”, “You’re going to miss me”, at that moment, some flowers fell on the stage.

Fans of Pepe Aguilar pampered him with bouquets of roses. Photo: Oscar Camargo

“This is for all the ungrateful women who did not come today. Let’s see if they remember this one that I recorded in 1999,” he said.

Pepe Aguilar continued with the songs that touched the heart, and that are the soundtrack of many lives.

Thousands chanted the successes of the member of the Aguilar Dynasty in the palenque. Photo: Oscar Camargo