León Fair 2023: Pequeños Musical offers a romantic night at the Teatro del Pueblo

Leon, Guanajuato.- To the beat of “I’d love to”the grouping Little Musical opened his concert at the Town’s theater of the León Fair 2023with which more than one of them would surely goosebumps, as it is one of his most romantic songs.

Followed by “Incurable Romantic”the most romantic band in Mexico performed with great feeling this song that for many is almost a love hymn and was chanted at the top of their lungs.

The atmosphere began to heat up and as is tradition, the musical group raised the attendees from their seats to the rhythm of “the girl”which put together the couples and “cartoncito” and tightly held danced non-stop.

Before a full house, Pequeños Musical gave itself to its audience and greeted them effusively, always grateful for the warmth that characterizes them and because, they said, León always has a special welcome for them.

The public did not stop dancing. Photo: Gerardo Garcia.

Good night León, Guanajuato, that cry, which was heard directly to Guadalajara from this beautiful city of the shoal,” said vocalist Aldo Franco.

The party continued, sitting down was no longer an option, the floor had opened up, so the couples kept dancing to the rhythm of “Taking the Cumbia”, “I’m going to dance” Y “Blameless” resounded in the Velaria of the Fair.

“For my faults”, “I love you”, “A lonely madman” Y “unfaithful woman” They were other of the most chanted and what to say when they asked where the toxic ones were, the screams did not wait.

As part of the celebration for their 32 years, they pleased their followers by singing to them in a romantic way, as only they know and with the rhythm that already characterizes them, so the screams did not stop for the band and its vocalists.

Before a full house, Pequeños Musical gave itself to its audience in León. Photo: Gerardo Garcia.

The party continued, the couples did not stop dancing and singing, everyone was very excited to see their favorite band because like every year, they take them from love, heartbreak, to forgetting their sorrows and dancing until they drop.