León Fair 2023: The Invasores de Nuevo León make the public dance at the Velaria

Leon, Guanajuato.- A dance that the public enjoyed from beginning to end was the one offered by the idols of northern music, The Invaders of Nuevo León during his presentation at the Victoria Forum of the León Fair.

More than 40 record productions and two months after completing 43 years of musical career endorsed the success of this group, which with an almost full venue made them dance and sing each of the songs they performed.

The video of his most recent single, “Beyond the sun”was projected on the stage screens before the members went on stage.

At 10 o’clock at night, Javier, Eliud, rolando, Javier, Angel, Luis Y Francisco they appeared before an audience that gave them an ovation and the first song they performed was their great success “Hold on heart”.

The audience sang to the rhythm of Los Invasores de Nuevo León. Photo: Omar Ramirez.

After playing their first song that was chanted from start to finish, they followed “My love is here to stay” and its also well-known theme “Lonely beach”.

We are very happy to be back in this city of León, above León, Guanajuato, today we will take a tour of all that music that you have turned into successes”, said Rolando.

The evening began at 10 p.m. Photo: Omar Ramirez.

During their presentation, the public took advantage of each of the songs they played to dance and there was even one sore person who, with beer in hand, toasted to lovesickness.

Other themes of his long career such as “For you my love”, “Under my key” Y “May the devil take me”they could not miss during their presentation.