León Larregui is angry at the success of Bad Bunny, insults on Twitter

Mexico.- A Leon larregui it did not seem to him the great success that he enjoys bad bunny with his new album “A summer without you” And through Twitter showed his fury with insults urban genre.

Bad Bunny released just this May 6 the album “A summer without you”, which contains 23 songs divided into Side A and Side B with collaborations with artists such as Chencho Corleone, Rauw Alejandro, Bomba Estéreo, Tainy and The Maríasamong others.

The art of “A summer without you” Bad Bunny’s recent album./ Photo: Special

And a little over a month later, the production of the singer of reggaeton It has been placed at the top of the popularity charts. His songs are already among the most listened to in Latin America and all over the world.

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on the platform of Spotifythe first five most listened to Bad Bunny songs are “I behave pretty”, “Pretty eyes”, “Moscow Mule”, “Titi asked me” and “Party”all included in “A summer without you”.

What insults did León Larregui write against Bad Bunny?

Upon learning that Bad Bunny’s songs were playing all over the world, León Larregui decided to vent all his fury on Twitter on his profile @LeonBenLarregui.

“Disposable garbage!!! Design of capitalist consumption, rehash of ignorance !!!”, was what Larregui tweeted on the social network.

León Larregui’s tweet against Bad Bunny’s music./ Photo: Capture

However, the lead singer Zoe he regretted his words and deleted his Twitter post, but it was too late. Screenshots of her insults are circulating on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsAppbecause Bad Bunny fans took them up for them in turn, lashing out at Larregui.

“Because here the only one who sings like a drug addict and drunk is me! Atte. Leon Larregui,” @pepeoaxaco1 wrote sarcastically.

Although there were other users who supported Larregui and alluded to the fact that together with Zoé, also made up of Sergio Acosta, Jesus Baez, Angel Mosqueda and Rodrigo Guardiolahave changed the rock in Spanish in recent years.

“Larregui is a true musician. He and his band are one of the best music proposals in Spanish in the last decade,” said @CatatumboBlues.

The Zoé band was formed in 1997 in Cuernavaca, Morelos./ Photo: Facebook

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