Leonardo DiCaprio: Partying with women on a boat, in the middle of the island of St. Barts | People | Entertainment

Leonardo Dicaprio he’s living his best life, or maybe he’s living a snippet from the movie The wolf of Wall Street. Whatever his intention, the 48-year-old actor is raising eyes for his single life, in which he is taking luxurious trips accompanied by young women, as they say on social networks, under 25 years of age.

The actor is famous for only dating women who are no older than that age, despite the fact that he was born in 1974. This was his last relationship with the model, camila morronewho ended their relationship of four years, with DiCaprio, shortly after his 25th birthday.

However, the star Titanic, shut down the rumors and started dating gigi hadid27 years old, in November 2022. Although he broke the ‘curse’, their relationship was short-lived, since they never formalized anything and he has been seen with other models since then.

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The most recent is called victoria lamas, 23, with whom he was seen celebrating the arrival of 2023 on the island of St. Barts. It is the fourth time that they have been photographed together, although this time they were not alone, together with her and another group of girls. DiCaprio He was on Monday, January 2, partying, in the middle of a boat on the island and the age difference between him and his guests is already noticeable.

The most is the actor’s daughter Lorenzo Lamaswho confirmed to New York Post, that DiCaprio and his daughter are not a couple, but that she really likes him. “She wants him, obviously, but they’re not dating. She doesn’t want that to come out because it would be bad, it would be embarrassing for her if he read anything, if they said they’re dating and they’re not,” said the 64-year-old actor.

DiCapriowho frequently visits the Galapagos Islands, wore a outfits casual during the day party, wearing a white t-shirt, gray baseball cap and dark sunglasses. His single friends, the rapper, were also seen on the boat Drake and the actor Toby Maguire. (AND)