Leonor of Spain (16) steals the show from Mama Letizia

Since the coronation of her father, King Felipe, Leonor of Spain has held the title of Princess of Girona. The Princess of Girona Foundation, which is currently managed by the King on behalf of the Princess, supports young people in their professional and personal development. The award ceremony honored special talents who should be regarded as role models.

Letizia of Spain has Corona

Only a few hours after the event there was bad news from the royal family. In an official statement, it was announced that Spain’s Letizia had tested positive for the coronavirus. Accordingly, the 49-year-old has slight symptoms and canceled all upcoming appointments. Actually, she should have attended further audiences on Wednesday.

According to “El Mundo”, the queen traveled back to Madrid with her daughters on Monday, while her husband had another appointment in Barcelona. King Felipe tested positive for Covid-19 last February, also with mild symptoms. The 54-year-old then isolated himself in his residence and carried out official duties from there. Two weeks after the positive test, he made his first public appearance.