Leonor of Spain (16 years old) in love: revelations about the young princess’s boyfriend!

It’s almost the end of the year for all school children and students. After spending hours (or not) in the library revising for their exams, the teenagers are about to start a well-deserved summer vacation! This is particularly the case of Leonor of Spain, the fruit of the marriage between King Felipe VI and his wife Letizia Ortiz. And the 16-year-old girl should not surround herself only with her parents and her sister for this summer break since the young lady has a heart in love. Settled in Wales, at UWC Atlantic College, since August to follow her studies, Leonor still looked up from her books to make a group of friends. And among them, her boyfriend.

According to the website Informalia, Leonor of Spain fell in love with a boarding school companion, a foreign student whose nationality is unknown. His name and face have not been released except for a few physical details. The young man would betall, slender, very handsome“and would have a beard. We don’t know for how long the lovebirds have been cooing, but what is certain is that Leonor’s companion is already part of the family!

Last April, Leonor was back from Wales to celebrate the birthday of her grandmother, Letizia’s mother. She had not come alone since according to the statements of the site week, the young girl took advantage of the festivities to officially present her darling to the rest of the family. It is therefore quite natural that Leonor invited him during the holidays that she is about to spend at the Zarzuela Palace like every year.

The small family made up of Letizia, Felipe VI, the Infanta Sofia and Leonor should spend a week on the Balearic island before going about other occupations. A family stay at the end of which Leonor should therefore be joined by her lover. This is not the first time that the 16-year-old heiress has experienced love stories. Two years ago, she was dating one of the sons of a wealthy Madrid family before their story ended. Will this new companion be the right one? To be continued…

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/leonor-d-espagne-16-ans-amoureuse-revelations-sur-le-petit-ami-de-la-jeune-princesse_a493396/1