Les 12 coups de midi: this huge bug when announcing the winner of €390,200

Stephane was eliminated Friday, January 20. The next day, Saturday January 21, an exceptional prize pool of 390,200 euros was offered. The presenter of 12 noon shots was about to announce the name of the big winner when a technical bug occurred. We tell you the scene!

The 12 strokes of noon: Stéphane left the set of TF1 !

Drum roll last Friday! Indeed, Stéphane, the great champion of 12 noon shots did its last show and there were a lot of emotions. Indeed, after 5 months, 153 victories and more than 500,000 euros in earningss, he left the set of TF1 with tears. An experience that will remain etched in his memory and that reconciled him with his school failures.

In any case, viewers will miss himat Jean-Luc Reichmann and to the whole team of 12 noon shots. The candidate was particularly endearing.

A moving farewell message for Stéphane

Thank you everyone, thank you. Thank you for supporting me, thank you. Frankly, you are all wonderful. I thank everyone who works here, technical, management, security guards, everything… Sorry if I have trouble, usually I’m not like that but now I can’t no longer support the emotion that comesexpressed the champion of the 12 noon shots with tremolos in the voice. He can be proud of his career and of being among the best players in the midday game.

There is a tradition in the 12 noon shots. Indeed, when a candidate is eliminated, this one returns the next day to collect his precious check, but not only. There is also special music by Zette, the program’s voice-over, composed especially for the champion.

So, of course, the tears quickly came back! He would have liked to stay a little longer on TF1, but you have to know how to leave your place. And his departure made one happy! Indeed, it is the one who won the prize pool of almost 400,000 euros. As a reminder, as soon as a champion is eliminated, there is a pot in play. The person will be chosen by lot.

A direct bug in the 12 strokes of noon

This Saturday, January 21, the host of 12 noon shots raised the pressure on “this huge kitty” of which the “a pretty sum” amounted to 390,200 euros. But, there was a technical problem, right at the time of the announcement. That’s it, it appears, here is the person who wins 390,200 euros !, declares Jean-Luc Reichlann, raising the name of the winner. He was pointing at the bottom of the screen.

But, in fact, there was only a generic message: ” Draw in progress, find the name of the winner on MYTF1 and in tomorrow’s show ». Since the episode was filmed in advance, the draw had not yet taken place. Viewers had to do show patience and wait until Sunday to find out who had pocketed the jackpot! In any case, we would like to send a last goodbye to Stéphane wishing him a good continuation !

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