Lesly Castillo reveals that her baby was diagnosed with severe dysplasia (PHOTO) | entertainment | celebrity | Instagram | SHOWS

Through her social networks, Lesly Castillo told her Instagram followers that her daughter was diagnosed with severe dysplasia.

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“Now calmer, thank you all for your good wishes. For any mother, any news is super distressing, yesterday they told us that she has severe dysplasia “, is what is read on Castillo’s Instagram.

In addition, Lesly announced that her baby will have to go through two months of treatment and wait for the minor to evolve.

“It has to be two months, I can only wait for its evolution and with great faith and with God everything will be fine, my daughters are my life and my entire happiness”, wrote.

Lesly Castillo reveals that she did not marry for separate property: “My husband trusted me”

Lesly Castillo gave details of her marriage to mining businessman Albert Motta, with whom she has two minor daughters.

In an interview for the Trome newspaper, the influencer pointed out that she does not consider herself interested and that she is in love with her husband.

My husband and I have been in a relationship for 6 years and there is no issue of convenience here because I would have already separated after 2 years of marriage, I already had my pension and all his money; I got married because I love my husband”, he counted.

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The future candidate for mayor of Sabandía, Arequipa, also revealed that she did not marry for separate property due to the trust her partner has in her.

I did not sign any separate property, he fully trusted me. Also, I have never thought of taking something away from him, I think that things come into your life because you deserve them”, he specified.