“Let go”, “I’m disgusted” … Julien Doré annoys Internet users with his new video and explodes Instagram

Julien Doré: style above all

If there is one thing that we cannot fault the singer, it is that he has style. And this, since its beginnings. During the New Star bounties, he had noticed himself with these little clips he put in his hair. Since then, he has cultivated a certain eccentricity with looks that are always very trendy but which are out of the ordinary.

He did not hesitate to play with his image as a colorful character in the Ten Percent series. He played his own role there, in fact (since he has the same first name) but he decided to push the sliders further. Very far. He therefore played Julien Doré, a singer who wanted to become a director and actor for an erotic musical.

His role has become recurring (unlike most of the celebrities in the program who only appear for one episode). It was an opportunity for the singer to show his talents as an actor and to have fun with the image that the public has of him. Moreover, he decided to play once again with the expectations of his followers, but on Instagram this time.

A video that frustrates Internet users

Julien Doré is inseparable from his long hair. Many men and women want to have such beautiful hair. The young man seems to be very proud of it. To reward his followers who have followed him for so long, he decided to mark the occasion with his 500th publication on the social network Instagram. But as usual, he does what he wants and laughs sweetly.

Proud, the singer publishes a tutorial video on how to have hair as beautiful as his. He therefore proposes to reveal his famous routine. In an idyllic setting, he presents himself as a beauty YouTuber.

Hi friends, hope you are doing well. The day has arrived. It’s time for my ‘hair routine’ tutorial. Overall it’s still mega simple. The first thing to know and do is above all …

And at that moment, the video keeps cutting, making his words simply incomprehensible. For long seconds, spectators are frustrated and wait. Until the video finally resumes … But all too late. “Overall, you have seen it, quite simplistic. But believe me, these little things are still helpful. I hope it has you more, I kiss you and I tell you very quickly friends. Take care of yourself and your hair”He ends with a laugh.

One thing is certain, there have been Internet users who cannot believe they have been tricked in this way. “No but I put it back three times at the beginning anyway before understanding”Writes a surfer. “Because of you I checked all my Wifi connection”Announces another. They all take this video with a lot of humor and they know the character of the singer anyway, very focused on wits and fun.

Julien Doré is happy as a couple

If he has lived several love stories in his life, Julien Doré recognizes that they were filled with “too much“. Today, now that he is happy in love, he sees things differently. He even speaks of “peaceful relationship ”. “I understood it: happiness is much prettier when you simply experience it“.

At 39, he seems to be turning his attention to simpler things in life in general. Perhaps that is why he decided to leave the Parisian capital for the countryside. He went to settle in the Cévennes: “I made the choice to live really in the heart of nature and in a rather lost way because it is what makes me good, what inspires me, what makes me happy. My friends, I no longer meet them over a coffee or a beer for 5 minutes, but I meet them for 48 hours ”.

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