Leticia Calderón and her son Luciano live in anguish: the actress ends up in the hospital for a respiratory condition | Famous

Lety Calderon He lived moments of anxiety in which he saw his life in danger due to a respiratory condition.

Lety Calderón suffers from bronchospasm that sends her to the hospital

The 53-year-old artist and mother of two (Luciano and Carlo, 17) confirmed last Friday, March 25 to ‘Sale el sol’ that she was hospitalized in a Mexican hospital after presenting a bronchospasm.

The situation was so complex that the actress believed that life would end for her: “Recently I had a broncho-respiratory spasm“He said without specifying the exact date of what happened.

I felt that I was drowning and that I was dyingI was very scared,” he said, “I ended up in the hospital.”

The anxiety was not only experienced by her, but also by one of her two sons, Luciano, who has Down Syndrome.

“He told me: ‘Mom, you can’t leave me, What am I going to do without you?‘” said the artist.

“I swear to God it did open my eyes to say: ‘What if I had died!’. I really couldn’t breathe for a couple of minutes or I don’t know how long,” she recalled.

“It seemed eternal to me, and I already I imagined that my children found me dead in the bathroom, because I ran to the bathroom to pour water on myself”.

Health scare that Lety Calderón lives teaches her and Luciano a lesson

Although the health problem that Lety Calderón presented did not represent major difficulties, the scare that she experienced made her keep an apprenticeship that she shared with her firstborn.

Luciano has expressed that he wants to live alone. For about two years, the actress took on the task of teaching him to support a home with basic tasks such as cleaning and maintaining a house.

What’s more, already bought him an apartment in Mexico City where he will move when everything is ready. But Lety Calderón’s recent hospitalization and seeing her life at risk made her think of something.

“It gave me a feeling that I told him (to Luciano): ‘That’s why we have to hurry you learn to do things, so that tomorrow, not right now, I hope in God, the day after tomorrow that I have to leave, you are prepared to live alone’. Him and the other (Carlo).”

As he had said in a previous interview, his youngest son Carlo also has plans to leave the family because he wants to study abroad for a year.