Letizia breaks the dress code of the royals! She surprises with a daring fuchsia dress that reveals her incredible six pack and divides opinions into praise and criticism | People | Entertainment

If she was praised for her toned arms, back and legs, now Letizia will be remembered for her incredible six pack. The queen left more than one speechless, when she appeared in a daring fuchsia dress cut out who revealed his abs, at the event commemorating the World Day of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

From the Oceanographic of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, the monarch captured all eyes with her sensual dress with which she broke all the dress codes of a royal, confirming that she is one of the most modern in the European monarchy .

Queen Letizia stole all eyes in her new appearance in the Valencian city of Spain. EFE/ Kai Försterling
Photo: Kai Forsterling

The wife of Felipe VI leaves no doubt that she does not care what they will say and in this way she defied criticism by choosing a piece that suited her figure and her tanned skin excellently, but dividing opinions on social networks.

The controversial fuchsia dress of Queen Letizia

The tendency cut out that many celebrities are wearing, it would not be the wardrobe choice of a member of the monarchy. However, Letizia did not rule it out and chose a design from Serendipia, a firm that has bold and affordable designs, which allowed us to see a really steel abdomen in the Spanish sovereign.

Once again, he demonstrated his preference for brands “low cost” that do not detract from the elegance of its original fashionista style. But this time the mother of two skipped all the protocol and revealed a part of the female body that is not customarily displayed by a queen.

It was already known that he works daily to exercise his body, since his different outfits They show how he has managed to sculpt his arms, which are an example of good nutrition and hard training. But now, it’s her abdomen that gets all the honors of a queen fitness.

Regardless of what they will say, she arrived and dazzled with a midi suit with long, slightly puffed sleeves, which caught the attention of those present due to the openings she has at the level of her abs, detailed Vanity Fair magazine.

A ring in the middle joined the design between the top and the bottom of the dress, which gave that modern and daring touch to the figure of the queen. The aforementioned magazine published that the cost of the premiere piece is 64.95 euros, a little more than 68 dollars and belongs to the new collection of the Valencian firm.

Letizia’s spectacular physical condition is worthy of admiration and causes the envy of many at 49 years old, so the daring look It did not go unnoticed by anyone and immediately the opinions on the networks were divided.

An Instagram account that carries the outfits From Letizia, she hung all the pieces of her combination, from the dress to the snakeskin stilettos and the fuchsia bag from the Carolina Herrera atelier, and the followers took it upon themselves to leave their opinions on the appearance of the queen.

Of course, critics of Letizia’s styling were not lacking, saying that it was a suitable design for another type of more informal event, and that it also showed a lot of skin for a royal. Meanwhile, others objected that it is not a suit for her age and that it does not represent the monarchy of her country.

However, the praise added an indisputable majority that applauded the good taste and the truly daring personality of the monarch of Spain.

  • “What is clear is that she is gorgeous. Fuchsia is a color that suits her very well. For me it is a yes, I do not understand the criticism of the look, for being a queen. She is still a woman with a 10 body and she doesn’t have to hide it. Then we want the monarchy to advance…”
  • “I like it, it is favored and it is a nod to local fashion, monotonous due to the total look, but refreshing. The debate that 2 cm of skin can be seen seems absurd to me.”
  • “The queen looks great. Her dress is nothing vulgar.”
  • “I love it.”
  • “I personally love that Queen Letizia’s wardrobe adapts so well to trends, and is so modern, especially when it comes to supporting Spanish brands or stores. Less drama and long live Letizia’s style! (AND)

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