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Letizia will always fill everyone with expectations when she appears at an event. And at the awards ceremony that bear her name, convened by the Disability Board, the queen was surprised when she discovered that one of the winners had the same outfits.

Since she is part of the Spanish royal family, it is no secret that she has a preference for international designer fashion houses. But, the brands of the stores in her country, to which millions of Spanish women go, are also part of her favorites.

Queen Letizia dazzles with her elegance. EFE / JuanJo Martin

And due to the breadth that she has to choose her clothes, she ran into an unexpected coincidence that she took lightly, confirming that she is the queen of the people.

This was Queen Letizia’s reaction to wearing an identical dress

The Letizia award was presented by the wife of King Felipe VI in the province of Mérida, where the work of people and companies for advancing in the inclusion of people with disabilities was recognized.

Her Majesty made an appearance and immediately looked elegant and spectacular in her choice of the day. It had been a long time since she had worn a garment “low cost”, reports Elle magazine, and to deliver the awards she chose a black and white midi dress from the Mango store, where it could be purchased for just over 50 dollars.

Queen Letizia upon her arrival at the XXX meeting of the Council of the Royal Board of Trustees on Disability and the delivery of the 2021 Queen Letizia Awards. EFE/Jero Morales
Photo: Jero Morales

But her biggest surprise was to see that one of the winners who received a special mention was wearing the same dress! Yes, it was a coincidence that Letizia had never starred in, despite presiding over countless ceremonies in her country.

It was the university professor of Civil Law, Inmaculada Vivas, who dressed exactly like the queen, with the fitted suit with a belt, and the left part in white and the right in black, in addition to a pair of high heels in black. .

Letizia’s stilettos had a transparent detail that adorned the design, in addition to the accessories she wore, her favorite ring from the British firm Karen Hallam that her daughters gave her, a pair of earrings and a mini black bag.

His toned arms, which always stand out in his outfits, were relevant with the sleeveless suit he exhibited.

With the same model of dress, Queen Letizia and Inmaculada Vivas, took the smiles of all those present. EFE/Jero Morales
Photo: Jero Morales

The researcher with a remarkable academic career could not hide her surprise and her face said it all when she arrived at His Majesty’s side and received the award.

Queen Letizia presented Inmaculada Vivas Tesón with a mention in the Research category. EFE/Jero Morales
Photo: Jero Morales

Both ladies looked at each other at the event, which caused the smiles of all the attendees who saw how the “twins” laughed nonstop. The incredible coincidence was taken as a moment of good humor for the queen, who was surprised, but she gave her best smile and an affectionate pat on the back to the professor.

It will go down in history as one of the queen’s best anecdotes, showing that if she is an assiduous shopper at Zara, Mango and Massimo Dutti, she will have the opportunity to live an “earthly” moment, as any woman can have by having pieces of low cost in its applauded style working that we can all emulate. (AND)

Letizia looked elegant in her dress from the Mango store that sold out in a matter of hours. EFE/ Jero Morales
Photo: Jero Morales

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