“Let’s Dance”: “I swallowed painkillers every day”

The new season of “Let’s Dance” has been running successfully on television for a few weeks now. Instead of injuries, more celebrities and professional dancers will be out due to Corona this year. Nevertheless, the physical strain is not to be despised, especially for those who are not used to such hard training. A candidate who unfortunately had to say goodbye to his colleagues last week has now revealed what hardships his body was really exposed to during his time in the format.

“Let’s Dance”: Show off for Riccardo Basile

Week after week, the celebrities fight with their dance partners towards the final. But on their way there, candidates who have grown fond of them over time are repeatedly eliminated. In the last week, two couples even had to leave because no dancing couple had to go the week before due to the high Corona failure. In addition to Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg also had to Riccardo Basile clear the field:

Riccardo and dance partner Isabel Edvardsson didn’t even have the fewest points. Not only the moderator himself was disappointed with the end of his journey on “Let’s Dance”, but also his fans:

Unfortunately, I had already thought so when they had to tremble. Too bad. I felt like it was just starting to work better with Riccardo.

“Let’s Dance”: The training brings the celebrities to their physical limits

So it was for Riccardo after show four it’s over. Even if he certainly wanted to show the jury and the audience even more of his dancing qualities, he is probably a little bit relieved about his exit, because the dance training really took its toll on his body. He recently revealed this in an interview with “Express”:

I had to to the physiotherapist every daybecause I had strains all over my body.

In the last week his complaints got worse and worse, so that there was a suspicion of a torn muscle fiber. Nevertheless, the boyfriend of Bachelor winner Clea-Lacy Juhn did not want to give up and kept his pain within limits with pills:

There I have taking painkillers every dayto save the appearance on the show.

Even if Riccardo was physically very ill due to the hard training, he doesn’t want to miss a minute of the format. Now that he has had this experience himself, his respect for the other candidates has increased again:

But it is definitely not to be underestimated by the effort and how much each individual puts in personally.

Sources used: RTL; promiflash.de; Instagram