“Let’s Dance”: Kerstin Ott calls for sacking of Joachim Llambi

Updated on 22.04.2022, 19:47

  • “Let’s Dance” -Juror Joachim Llambi is known for his sharp tongue.
  • For ex-participant Kerstin Ott, however, he often crosses a line.
  • She demands that Llambi be replaced on the jury.

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In “Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi shares like once out against the candidates. Kerstin Ott, the 2019 participated in the show, it looks critical. In the podcast “But please hit” wished they now even the expulsion of the dance judges.

In conversation with the moderators Anika Reichel and Julian David, Ott remembers her time on “Let’s Dance”. The singer remembers not only positive moments. At that time, the candidate, who was the first female participant to dance with a woman, was eliminated in the fifth show. However, they would like to leave the program earlier. She asked her fans not to call her anymore.

Joachim Llambi am often “too personal”

The reason for this was also the comments from Joachim Llambi, which she had to endure week after week. “I wouldn’t have had a problem back then either, if he had just criticized my bad dancing style and given me zero points,” Ott clarifies in the podcast.

“I would have been fine with that. But there are one or two sentences that then become too personal. You really have to say: ‘Guys, we all know better now.’ We know it can’t be good for a person’s health.”

Although she doesn’t give any specific examples, the hit star finds clear words for the jury’s criticism: “I think what’s happening in the jury is also bullying!”

Kerstin Ott wishes that Llambi will be replaced

Three years later, she sees some positive changes. Llambi not criticizing quite as sharp as he had already done in its season there. “I think it also has to do a bit with planks that even with RTL there will be a change in thinking. What is right and important,” she suggested.

Nevertheless, she thinks that such behavior should simply no longer be tolerated in 2022. Therefore, she makes the clear demand: “Just as Dieter Bohlen was replaced, I would also like that from Mr. Llambi. I can also be completely honest and open.”

Although he can be a “very friendly man”, he makes the candidates “look so stupid”. “He could do that better and I would wish, if they didn’t replace him, that he would adapt a bit,” Ott wishes.
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