“Let’s Dance” Michelle: wedding surprise? “Never say Never”

Michelle, 50, can currently be seen on the “Let’s Dance” stage every Friday. In addition, her new album will be released in April. In contrast to her career, her love life is a little quieter. In a recent interview, she revealed whether she is currently looking for a new love and whether she could imagine stepping in front of the altar again!

“Let’s Dance” Michelle: On the road to success

Michelle is currently standing before a new challenge: The pop singer has been dancing for the coveted trophy on “Let’s Dance” since February 18th. Even if she and dance partner Christian Polanc have not yet been able to completely convince the jury, Michelle’s fans are calling hard at work every Fridayso that the two can also prove their skills in the next week:

However, her fans are not only happy about Michelle’s participation in the dance format, but are already there looking forward to Michelle’s new album on the occasion of her 30th stage anniversary. In an interview with “Meine Melodie” she said that the album “30 years Michelle – that’s it… not yet!” should come onto the market in April instead of May. She also revealed to her fans what to expect from her new record and what else she has planned for this year:

With the 30 songs for my fans who have been by my side for 30 years. I turned 50. That too is celebrated. I’m going on tour from September. And there will be more celebrations. The whole year is one big party.

“Let’s Dance” Michelle: How does she feel about a new love?

So, career-wise, Michelle is on the rise but what about love? In the past, the pop singer was known to have been unlucky on this topic. There will probably be no news in this regard in the near future either, because the 50-year-old would like to focus on other things at the moment:

I’m just not looking and focus on a lot of other things.

But closing yourself completely to love is out of the question for Michelle, as she revealed in the interview. Would she step in front of the altar again for the right one? The singer also keeps all options open on this topic:

I am a human, he never says never. But I think that a wedding ring does not necessarily have to be part of a good relationship.

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