“Let’s Dance” presenter Victoria Swarovski: “Groove me to youngsters”

Victoria Swarovski lives a life in the glamorous spotlight. But she often feels alone – and reveals that she would like to have children soon.

Victoria Swarovski (28) has been a “Let’s Dance” presenter alongside Daniel Hartwich (43) for five years – a job that not only gives her a lot of glamor but also a lot of loneliness. Now the crystal heiress comments on her life out of the suitcase and tells how she feels about offspring.

In the video above, Victoria shows herself with her beautiful half-sister Laetitia.

Victoria Swarovski pays a high price for success

“I come to the hotel alone in the evening, wake up alone in the morning. I often think to myself that it would be nice to be away less. My home is with my husband and not somewhere in the hotel room,” says Victoria Swarovski about her life for the success in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. She has been married to her husband Werner Mürz (44) for five years, and they have been a couple for a total of ten years. It wouldn’t be a problem for him if Victoria gave up showbiz.

Skimpy mini dress with blue jewels - this look sets new standards

This is how her fans know and love Victoria Swarovski: You can see her hot look in the sexy mini dress in the video.
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In love like on the first day: Victoria Swarovski about her husband Werner Münz

“He is my rock in the surf – we understand each other blindly,” raves Victoria Swarovski about her loved one. “If I were to say to him today: ‘Werner, I don’t want all that anymore’, he would say: ‘Okay.'” Maybe it will soon be time and Victoria will be more at home. One reason would be offspring and the native Austrian is already looking forward to it.

“Let’s Dance” presenter Victoria Swarovski is already looking forward to her own baby

Speaking to the newspaper, she continues: “My husband loves children and I would very much like to have children soon too. I definitely don’t want to miss the moment and I’m looking forward to starting my own family. Until then, practice me with the dogs and slowly getting used to the offspring.”

Pregnancy rumors do not bother Victoria Swarovski at all

In addition to the constant criticism of her outfit, pregnancy rumors keep coming up on “Let’s Dance” – but that doesn’t bother Victoria Swarovski: “During the last season there were rumors that I was pregnant and I just thought: seriously, there are no other topics “I just ate too much before the show. I’m definitely not someone who would hide my pregnancy. On the contrary.”