“Let’s Dance” professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov became a father

Baby news from the “Let’s Dance” family: professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov became a father for the first time. However, the birth of his son did not go as planned.

“Let’s Dance” professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov (31) is back on Instagram with good news: He and his wife Nina Bezzubova have become parents for the first time. The birth of her son, who was born on October 28, did not go as planned. This is what Vinokurov writes about a photo in which he is carefully holding his newborn baby in his hands.

«Life does everything differently than you planned. And then you have to deal with the circumstances. And: make the best of it, ”he begins his contribution.

Actually, the baby shouldn’t be born until mid-December. But the professional dancer fell ill with Covid-19 and infected his pregnant wife. “Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to see how dangerous Covid-19 can be for a pregnant woman. That was very annoying for us, ”he explains.

In the meantime, the small family is doing well. However, the first three weeks after the birth were anything but easy. “But we survived it as a family and that’s what counts in the end,” says Vinokurov.

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The “Let’s Dance” family congratulates

In the comments there are already countless congratulations from dancers and celebrities from the “Let’s Dance” universe. «Congratulations! Take care of yourselves. Everything comes as it should, ”writes Motsi Mabuse (40).

«The greatest miracle ever! Enjoy the time, you sweeties. We’re already looking forward to getting to know the little one, “comments Oana Nechiti (33).

“Congratulations my dear … I wish the little family the best,” writes Nico Schwanz (43).

the essentials in brief

  • Let’s Dance ”professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov (31) becomes a father for the first time.
  • His son was born on October 28th.

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