“Let’s Dance” – Quarterfinals: Llambi wants to give Janin Ullmann 55 points

Janin Ullmann knocks everyone’s socks off, Amira Pocher delivers a royal Paso Doble and René Casselly should dance standard more often. Unfortunately, a long, wonderful journey also comes to an end in the quarter-finals of “Let’s Dance”.

“Here are 55 points, get lost! Get out! Take them with you,” jokes jury boss Joachim Llambi and would like to give Janin Ullmann the box in which the point scoops are kept. It’s the quarterfinals of “Let’s Dance”.

Means: This time, another dance will be added to the individual dances, the so-called trio dance. Ullmann, who also danced a Slowfox – by the way “the most difficult of all dances” – with such grace that evening, collects 30 points for the second time in a show. The judges are delighted. Of course, everyone can only give ten points, even if, as Llambi notes, “far too few” are for the woman who always dances with all her heart.

Never before in the history of “Let’s Dance” has there been such a verdict. And the chief juror has never wanted to give away his complete ladle box. The standing ovations of the audience present in this year’s show are critical. It’s been joked online that these have become so inflationary that if you chirp every time the audience gets up, you’ll end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

And maybe inflation is symptomatic of our time, but with the 40-year-old everything is just right! According to Motsi, the podcaster is “the highlight” of this evening with her trio tango – “if not of the entire season”. What’s also nice is Ullmann’s modest manner. No affected posturing, no megalomania, nothing artificial. More sympathy is almost impossible.

“You should always dance like this standard”

While one always dances with heart and soul, the other misses exactly this feeling that dancing is supposed to trigger. Yes, René Casselly is “an exceptional talent”, but you never know if he really likes what he delivers on the floor. He and his partner often show “perfect choreographies”, but everything is almost a little “too perfect, too smooth”.

What good is a “high level” and a “spectacular show” if they don’t touch the hearts of the audience? In the quarterfinals, the artist shows a jagged jive, in which González, however, lacks “the character of the dance” and Mabuse the “basic steps”.

On the other hand, the 25-year-old “Ninja Warrior” sensationally succeeds in slowfoxing with Kathrin Menzinger and Valentin Lusin, in which Casselly has to switch between gender roles. Not an easy choreography, but the three implement it wonderfully. The jury is of the opinion: “You should always dance ballroom like this!”

Amira Pocher is still one of the best of this season. In a spectacular outfit, as beautiful as a fairy tale queen, she dances a Paso Doble with Massimo Sinató “incredibly expressive” and “full of energy”. Every look of the 29-year-old is so intense that one has the feeling that it would penetrate the viewer. In her samba, in which she and Sinató are accompanied by Andrzej Cibis, the “femme fatale” is, according to Llambi, “a bit too far behind with the weight”, but that’s really whining at a high level.

“That wasn’t tango-like enough for me”

For Mathias Mester, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the strong competition. Although he convinces with his “masculine expression”, the boss on the desk criticizes his attitude in his first dance. It’s just “not tango-like enough” for him.

But the samba alongside Renata Lusin and Christina Luft put everyone in a good mood. The nice thing about the athlete: he gets into the storytelling every time, is not too fine for gags and self-mockery and proves every week that you can really improve if you just work hard enough on yourself.

In the end, however, it is Sarah Mangione who unfortunately does not make it to the semifinals. Although the “heart over head” actress presents a rhythmic Charleston with “great gags” and shows a side of herself with a rumba that, according to Jorge, “gives Mr. Llambi fantasies”, her journey on “Let’s Dance” is over past the round of sixteen. Two more shows, then three of the couples are in the final.