Lets Dance (RTL): Ekaterina Leonova (34) is already grandma

Ekaterina Leonova is one of the most popular dancers on the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. But after three wins in a row, she has not been booked for the show since 2019. Now she dares a new start in Munich.

She dares to start over from scratch! Separation, move, new job – Ekaterina Leonova (34) has turned her life completely upside down in the past few months.

The dancer has lived in Munich since October 2021. In an interview with EXPRESS.de, the “Let’s Dance” world record holder (only she achieved three victories in a row) talks about her new home, men and an RTL comeback – and reveals why she’s already a grandmother.

Ekaterina Leonova on …

… her new life in Munich: So far, I haven’t seen that much of Munich because I travel a lot. Actually, I only know the way from my apartment to the office, to the airport to the main train station.

… your new apartment: I live alone in a cute apartment. There are still some boxes in the corner and some furniture is missing. They have been ordered, but there are delivery bottlenecks. The sofa won’t come until mid-January. Fortunately, I brought the bed with me from Cologne.

… the decision to leave Cologne: I wanted to make a cut in life, to start everything over. That’s why a job outside of Cologne was also an option, because I was completely open. The last choice fell between Hamburg and Munich. The company in Munich convinced me the most. I share the values ​​and feel very comfortable in the team. Everything is very open and transparent, there are no hierarchies, everyone is a team. I can fully develop in my expenses.

… the search for the right company: At first it wasn’t so easy to find a company that would give me time off for TV appearances or dance events. Not everyone understands this, sometimes it fails for other reasons. I would have gone to another department at RTL. But in the end there was too much work to be able to afford an employee to take time off from work. I first sent out a few applications, then there were media reports about my situation. At first I thought there was trouble with the authority responsible for residence permits. But then a lot of companies started writing to me. Lucky in bad luck, so to speak.

… your new employer: I now work for Sym GmbH. We help small and medium-sized companies to be successful. We provide various service areas such as financing, marketing, digitization – things that companies cannot provide themselves. The important thing is: the companies must be sustainable and regionally oriented.

… your role in your new job: My job is in marketing communication management. I am responsible for strategies, social media appearances by partners and Sym itself, as well as the organization of events.

… himself as the advertising face of Sym: I think you are automatically when you work for a company. Then you are also a face of it.

… their dance future: Dancing is part of my life. I can’t imagine without it. I cannot do without my passion. I will always dance.

… the chance of a “Let’s Dance “return: I let myself be surprised. I didn’t leave RTL in an evil mood and worked there in a completely different department. I’m a “baby” from RTL, they made me big, I’m very grateful for that. The fact that I am where I am now is largely thanks to RTL. In the end it might not have been right with the cast, but I can’t be angry with my “parents” about that. If they called and said, “Come home,” then I certainly wouldn’t say “No”.

… their non-public relationship: In a partnership, I also listen to my partner’s opinion. If he says he wants the relationship to stay private, then it stays private. If he’s okay with making the relationship public, so is me. I am very relaxed there. It is very important to me that my boyfriend is comfortable. If a relationship is just beginning, I wouldn’t post photos together straight away. Only when it is longer and more solid.

… Men: There are certainly also beautiful men in Munich. And the right one is waiting somewhere. But it hasn’t walked my way to work yet. But I would be open to getting to know someone.

… dating apps: I don’t do online dating. I think you have to get to know each other live. You can’t tell online whether the chemistry is right.

… the RTL farewell: It was a nice farewell to my colleagues. In fact, I had barely met many of them in 1.5 years because I worked from home most of the time. To say goodbye, we went to dinner with the team. It was really exciting to see each other’s faces live. You said very kind words to me when I left and gave me flowers. That was very, very nice!

… her cousin Maria, who is often mistaken for her sister: That’s because the term cousin doesn’t exist in Russia. There it says something like second degree sister. And she feels like my sister too. My real sister lives in Russia and already has children of her own. There it is not called aunt, but second-degree grandma. So I’m already a grandma without being a mother myself. (laughs).

… the effects of Corona on family visits: I can’t see my parents. We saw each other in May, not two years before that. Entry is complicated in each case due to the current situation. So there is no chance of a Christmas or New Year’s Eve together. The families are suffering. My mom would very much like to visit me, but since she was vaccinated with Sputnik, she is not allowed to enter Germany. And she doesn’t get any other European vaccination in Russia. We all want a solution soon.

… the next TV project: I last shot two weeks on a ship for the new RTL series “Der Schiffsarzt”. Fortunately, my employer understands that. Because at first I was still working from the ship in the mobile office – but after a few days the internet budget was exhausted (laughs). Activating a new one did not work so well from the ship, so I was released spontaneously.