“Let’s Dance”: RTL makes a decision

The TV start of “Let’s Dance” was overshadowed by the war in Ukraine, because of which RTL made a number of program changes – and that is now causing huge discussions on the Internet.

  • The TV start of the 15th “Let’s Dance” season was overshadowed by the war in Ukraine
  • For this reason, RTL changed its TV program several times, many programs were pushed back or were cancelled
  • A decision that caused a lot of discussion on the Internet

“Let’s Dance”: RTL changes the program again

“Let’s Dance” is one of the most successful RTL shows ever. Every year, the dance show, in which celebrities have to show off their talent on the floor, inspires a number of viewers. But this year everything is different again. Not only that, the show’s Corona pandemic is troubling and quite a few stars and professional dancers fell ill and were absent for a short time, but the war in Ukraine also overshadowed the TV launch.

In the last few weeks, RTL has changed because of the war often his television program, popular shows like “Let’s Dance”, “The Bachelor” or “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” pushed back by 15 minutes in prime time because the Cologne broadcaster had a Special news program on the war showed.

Decision causes discussions on the net: “Slowly it’s enough”

The fourth “Let’s Dance” show, which has the motto “Girls vs. Boys”, will again flicker belatedly on the screens, as has now been announced on the dance show’s official Instagram account – and this decision is now helping many users for discussions. Many fans want a bit of normality back:

Please send back to normal time. These special programs bring nothing. The war is important, of course, but enough has already been reported about it.

I think that’s going to be enough. Does it really have to be every Friday? It’s been reported on all day…

So pointless, RTL broadcasts it all day. Is there no more news?

Viewers protect RTL

These are just three of countless similar comments. Other fans find that many “Let’s Dance” fans are upset that the show is being postponed by just 15 minutes: “Why are so many upset that ‘Let’s Dance’ starts 15 minutes late? I really can’t relate. There are really more important things to get upset about. It’s totally okay that there’s a special.”, writes a user. Another has a similar view: “It’s 15 minutes!!! It’s probably not a drama … That you have to get so upset about it …”

Either way: RTL is sticking to its concept – and after all, “Let’s Dance” is not completely canceled, but is only shown 15 minutes later – that should actually be justifiable.

“Let’s Dance” always runs on Fridays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and at any time RTL+.

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