“Let’s Dance” star makes colleagues happy: “Official!”

“Let’s Dance” star shares photo – RTL colleagues freak out: “Now it’s official!”

01/18/2022 at 10:55 p.m

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Even before the start oflet’s danceExciting events are happening behind the RTL scenes in 2022! The stars of the RTL dance show are already over the moon.

Reason for that is “let’s dance“-professional Patricija Belousova. The Lithuanian has already danced with professional boxer Simon Zachenhuber and finished fourth with him in the 2021 semi-finals.

“Let’s Dance” professionals are expecting their first child together and are now planning DAS

The dancer is also successful in her private life. She is with her “let’s dance“colleague Alexandru Ionel, who took part in the show last year with singer Vanessa Neigert. The couple lives in Hamburg and is currently expecting their first child.

While she dropped the baby bomb in September, the pregnant Patricija Belousova is now announcing the next hammer. Her colleagues were just waiting for this post.


That is “let’s dance“:

  • “Let’s Dance” is a live dance show on RTL
  • The first season of “Let’s Dance” started in 2006
  • There are now 14 seasons
  • The show is the German version of the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing
  • The show will be recorded in Cologne
  • In 2021, Rúrik Gíslason (ex-professional footballer) won with professional dancer Renata Lusin


let’s dance“-Couple got married – Colleagues are overjoyed

Patricija writes on Instagram about a photo of himself in a white fringed dress and Alexandru in a white jacket: “Last year we finally took the step and started 2022 as an official family. I am incredibly happy to have taken on the Ionel name.”

So now it’s out! Patricija and Alexandru are married. “And now it’s official! Congratulations again you two,” commented “Let’s Dance” colleague Isabel Edvardsson excitedly.

+++ “Let’s Dance” hammer! SHE is there – because another star RTL had to cancel +++

Other dancers from the RTL show such as Malika Dzumaev, Kathrin Menzinger, Renata Lusin, Oxana Lebedew, Marta Arndt and Massimo Sinató congratulate the couple. Even juror Motsi Mabuse insisted on commenting on three red hearts and the word “congratulations”.


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Seems like the “Let’s Dance” professionals are a big family. However, the dancer couple Oana Nechiti and Erich Klaan claim the opposite. You can find out what they will never forgive Motsi Mabuse here.