“Let’s Dance” star reveals visual change: “Some don’t check it”

Christina Luft is currently wearing dental splints – several fans on Instagram had complained about the teeth of the "let's dance"-Stars wondered.

Christina Luft is currently wearing dental splints – several fans on Instagram had wondered about the teeth of the “Let’s Dance” star. Image: christinaluft/instagram

Professional dancer Christina Luft is currently enjoying the time away from “Let’s Dance”: This August vacation in Italy was announced with partner Luca Hänni, and the two did not stay alone. With Christina’s former show dance partner Mike Singer and his girlfriend Sophie Lilian Marstatt, there was a boisterous party on a boat.

Christina is now back in Germany. In her Instagram story, she now addressed a detail that apparently is currently occupying several people from her community: It’s about her teeth.

Christina Luft: That’s why her teeth look different now

“Yes, I have Invisaligns in it,” Christina clarifies, showing her upper row of teeth. Apparently there was confusion within their social media community beforehand, because the “Let’s Dance” star says a little amused: “Some thought I had rhinestones on my teeth.”

This seems to have prompted the 32-year-old to clarify. “Some don’t check that,” Christina adds with amusement in the description of her clip.

Christina Luft's Invisaligns apparently caused confusion among some fans.

Christina Luft’s Invisaligns apparently caused confusion among some fans.Image: christinaluft/instagram

The transparent splints, which are supposed to correct the incorrect position of the professional dancer’s teeth, actually seem to lead to success. Christina’s interim conclusion is:

“I think you don’t see it that much. I’m now on splint nine out of twelve and I have to say my teeth have really receded. They were very far forward for me, now they’re almost perfect.”

Incidentally, the tooth problem is also the cause of occasional speech errors in the TV star. “That’s why I sometimes lisp, some people notice that. Of course it makes a big difference,” adds Christina.

All in all, she has to wear the splints for another month, then the topic is obviously over. Christina is therefore happy in conclusion: “I’ll soon have made it and then nobody will be surprised anymore about the attachments on the teeth.”

Christina Luft will soon be on the “Let’s Dance” tour

With perfectly straightened teeth, Christina will certainly delight her fans on the upcoming “Let’s Dance” tour, which starts on October 31 in Riesa and will take the stars through all of Germany until the end of November. A total of 14 professionals are involved, including the Lusins, Ekaterina Leonova and Kathrin Menzinger, who won the 2022 season alongside René Casselly. Daniel Hartwich will moderate the program.